My name is Katrina Scott

Business Coach, Pivot Coach , Speaker, & Author

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Katrina Scott is a Business & Pivot Coach, ​Speaker, Loan Signing Agent, Salon ​Owner, and Real Estate Investor. This serial ​entrepreneur has worked with BET, movie ​sets, fashion shows, events as a ​motivational speaker and a few celebrities, ​all while running her beauty empire. She ​uses her experiences to assist other ​women in developing their next level in ​their life & business.

Having overcome many obstacles in life ​including being a single teenage mom of 2, a ​marriage & relationships that went nowhere, ​loss of 2 babies, and an unclear meaning of ​what her purpose was, Katrina used her pain ​to gain. She found her purpose, which is to ​walk with other entrepreneurs that have had ​obstacles in life, gain back their power and ​create the life they want & DESERVE!

It's time to write your NEW & IMPROVED ​description of who "YOU" are!

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I help women start ​their business from ​beginning to end, so ​that they can create ​the life they want & ​DESERVE!

Are You Ready?

Are you part of "The Great Resignation" or The Big Quit?

Are you confused about starting your business?

I have entered into my next chapter of life, and I would like to invite you to ​help me write this chapter. If you are ready to take this journey called ​"pivot" with me, then let's go. I help entrepreneurs, who are fearful and ​confused, buy their time back and create the life they want. I am excited to ​work with entrepreneurs who want to create multiple streams of income, ​start a business (or 2), and acquire the freedom to live their life the way they ​want to.

I am looking to work with hard working, creative entrepreneurs to ​transform their lives into lives they never thought they could have. If any of ​this applies to you, especially entrepreneurs that want to have a life of ​freedom while making money, book your FREE discovery call with me. (Spots ​are limited!) (Click on our link to book your call.)

💎 I can help you with using the skills you already have ​to create other streams of income.

💎 I can help you to create a business that will give you ​control over your life and finances.

💎You will surprise yourself at how much money you ​will make, that you just might fire your boss(if you ​haven’t already.)

Why am I so passionate about entrepreneurs creating the life they ​want?

I was a single, teenage mother of 2 children at the time. And I was ​working 2 jobs and I was in college at the time. I would get off one job ​go to the next job and then I would have homework to do as well as ​attend to my children. I knew at that point that I did not want to work ​for anyone. I couldn't stay home with my children when they were sick, ​I couldn't just go on vacation when I wanted to, and I just did not have ​control over my life at that point. But I asked myself, Do I want to ​continue to sacrifice time with my kids? Could I have more control over ​my schedule? Is there a better way?


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I create customized programs (including workshops and events) for groups and ​individuals based on your needs.

Customized Programs include:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Small Group Facilitations
  • Special Events & Workshops

Contact me at to ​explore what we can create together.


If you are looking to get your business up and going, here are a few of my ebooks that will help ​any buisness. You may also visit to purchase ​more ebooks.

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12-Week Master Class

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Coming Soon Rubber Stamp Vector

What we offer in Our 12-Week Master ​Class:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to open your business, the right way! ​(12-week Master Class Course)
  • Help you with choosing your business.
  • Assist with creating a business plan for your business.
  • Show you how to use your Career skills and turn them into multiple ​business income streams.
  • Give you step-by-step instructions on how to create your online course. ​(Included in Master Class Course)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to start your own podcast.
  • How to turn your skills and knowledge into an eBook & more!
  • Weekly group video chats!
  • *Bonus: Securing a business loan!

There is something for everyone!

You can get started by building your ​package for as low as buying those ​"Red Bottoms" or fully invest in ​yourself and get to your result ​immediately.

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"Katrina took her time and ​helped me start my business. ​She has a lot of patience."

-- Karrie

"She is a natural at teaching the ​fundamentals of business. "


"She will motivate you to get ​your business started."


"Katrina takes from starting your ​business to assisting with getting ​your business financed. She is ​AMAZING!"


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